Design Wall Monday--11/27/17

On my design floor is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  No, I'm not talking about On Ringo Lake, her new mystery quilt that just debuted, but one with plenty of pieces, still.  This will be a brown version of her Narragansett Blues quilt from the More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  I made a lot of 4 patches and cut the rectangles, so a trial layout attempt seemed timely.

This is what the center looks like.  I need to cut a bunch of brown squares for this section as well as for many other rows.  I'm making a throw size for my uncle, whose favorite color is brown.  I always wonder why so many people dislike brown--it is all the primary colors mixed together, which is therefore why brown GOES with every color.  

So far the 4 patches are standing out just fine against the brown.  Naturally, as is usual for me whenever I change the size of a pattern, MATH happened.  I need about three times as many 4 patches for the layout I want.  Lots more cutting and sewing to be done, but that's not worrying me--I have plenty of scraps and am glad to have a place to use them!  I was tempted to sew up some of the vertical rows, but seeing as my sewing room is still disassembled for Thanksgiving Day furniture rearranging, back in the box they went.  Well, once I evicted Mini the cat from it--she can never resist an empty box.

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Jennie in GA said…
I am living the start of this quilt!!!
Very nice. Your uncle will love it!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
This will be a striking quilt, Annie! I once had a quilt student who declared that quilting was something she wanted to learn how to do because she didn't want to have to think or do math. I suggested that quilting might not be what she had in mind if that was the case!
Louise said…
Looks great so far! I'm thinking about doing this pattern, too, when I have enought 4 patches. They are my leader/enders right now.
Preeti said…
That is an excellent start, Annie. I am sure it will make a lovely quilt.
Kate said…
You've got a great start on this project. I used to think that brown was drab, but I've found it can be a very rich color too.
Love your quilt! Somewhere along the line I learned that if you want/need to add another color to a quilt - that you should add brown - it goes with everything - ;))

Hope you and your loved ones are safe with the fires raging in our area. Stay safe!! Stuff is just stuff - and can be replaced!! - Hugs, Kitty

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