Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017

Our son being out of the country, our family Christmas Eve dinner was one smaller than usual.  We were happy to have our girls, son in law, and grandsons for pasta and salad dinner followed by brownies, iced molasses cookies, and of course, presents.

A smaller tree this year but just as festive with lights and ornaments.  
Cozy sweaters for the girls.  There was a slightly panicked few minutes when Cove, who wanted to use the candle snuffer, slid into the gap of the chair back, unnoticed by me as he climbed up to the table, and then got stuck.  Daddy had to rescue him, to tears and cries of "I'm going to be stuck here forever" and "we need a fireman", by forcing one rung free.  Thankfully, it was all over within a couple of minutes and after some respite in Mama's arms, he was ready to play again.  
Here he's pretending to be the knight he just dressed on the magnetic figure Mimi got him, using an imaginary sword.  
The aftermath!  Hunter wanted to try on his new shirts but then was distracted by a sticker that he found and applied to his chest.  So funny.  My darling husband completely surprised me by buying me a new Husqvarna Viking sewing machine.  I've been sewing on my Husqvarna Lily model for 15 years and it was time for an upgrade, but I had yet to start looking. After trying out the Tribute anniversary model he brought home,  I'm going to go one grade higher to the Sapphire 930 model with a 10" harp, so have that on order now.  Can't wait!  

The stockings I made for the boys came out nicely, at last, after further adjustments to several seam allowances, grading, and refitting.  I drew up the initials and used a whip stitch to attach felt letters to the cuff.  Some mini pompom trim and a ribbon added a lot of charm.  Elaine was very happy with them and Erica wanted to know where hers was :)

Christmas Day found us mostly lounging around enjoying breakfast with Erica and watching the Yule Log on TV, then I set to work on the two cheesecakes I needed to make for dinner at my folks' house in the late afternoon.  Numbers climbed quickly and I think 30 was the final tally for dinner, though more came and went!  Luckily the weather was good for those eating outside on the deck. 
(Hi, Honey, waving to the camera) Grant with two of my brothers and a nephew.

Brothers, nieces, nephews, daughter, sister, grandson and my dad.  Sister Kathy made caramel sauce, Grandma's fudge, and a fantastic potato dish, brother Kevin was barbecue master extraordinaire as usual with the prime rib steaks.  Many thanks to my brother Ted and sister in law Laura and family for doing so much of the prep work and set up.  We've had more time to relax and hang out, I've got some sewing done, and delivered a baby quilt today to daughter Elaine's best friend and her husband. 

Here's the beautiful little family with one month old baby Grace as the star.  They loved the quilt and I hope it gets plenty of use.  So fun to hold a new little girl.  (Pattern is Signed, Sealed, Delivered from APQ magazine, April 2017).   I'll be working tomorrow but then get another few days off before the holidays are over.  Love that!


Tanya said...

There's no way my husband would ever think of buying me a sewing machine! That is a world he hesitates to step into, even when he needs to use the iron in my sewing room! Lucky you!

Kate said...

Looks like a very fun and festive holiday celebration. Enjoy the new sewing machine!

Louise said...

Aw, I love the photo of the happy family with their beautiful new baby quilt and beautiful new baby! Looks like a wonderful family holiday all around :)

Quilter Kathy said...

What a great photo of the baby, parents, and the quilt!