Slow Sunday Stitching February

*Updated p.m. to fix picture and add link.

Well, after an unplanned blog break, I’ll join in on Slow Sunday Stitching today with Kathy’s Quilts.   While in New Orleans in November, I loved all the old houses, including the tiny shotgun houses ( so called as they are built with a long hallway front to back door with rooms off to one side). While wandering the neighborhood after one quilt shop on our tour, I pulled my sister into an embroidery shop, Needlework Vault, those being rare birds!  The shop owner’s name was also Annie and she had a nice selection of her own hand-painted cross-stitch canvases. I couldn’t resist this sweet shotgun house kit.
I stitched a bit yesterday while we babysat our grandson Hunter, while big brother was at his first T-Ball practice. They sure start them young--Cove turns 4 this month.  Anyway, I started with the gable section and got a few rows done.  While pricey, it did include the canvas with the edges alreday taped, a needle, and all the skeins needed to complete the stitchery. 

See more Slow Sunday Stitching on Kathy's blog. 


Sherrill said…
That's the kind of house my DH grew up in on Long Island. I never saw it as it had been torn down and replaced by his sister's house by the time I came on the scene. And, just FYI, I couldn't see the picture on your post. Mighta been just on my end.
CathieJ said…
What a pretty needlepoint piece. You are working on it quite quickly. You might think that piece is expensive, but there is a local needlepoint shop here where it is almost impossible to leave without spending close to $100. Most of the canvases alone are $40+. I stopped doing needlepoint years ago due to the cost.
Kate said…
Very cute! I remember those t-ball days. The SIT was 4 when she played. She was one of 2 girls in the entire league!

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