Sunday, April 15, 2018

April Catchup

Another long unplanned break--but lots to share.  I'll start where I left off, watching our grandsons on Easter Weekend.  Although Hunter was a little under the weather, breaking through a molar and not the usual bottomless pit at mealtime, they played and slept well.
At breakfast with Uncle Nick, Cove got quite a tower going of creamers while Hunter sipped.

After breakfast we went out by the tarmac, as the restaurant is adjacent to Camarillo Airport. 
Hunter really wanted to go out onto the tarmac and see the brightly painted plane.  Cove ran a lot of races with other kids on the mini runway and control tower outside the restaurant.

Mama Easter Bunny left baskets for the boys and they wore their bunny ears made at daycare, while perusing their baskets. 
 Cove is doing his "say CHEESE" face, with little brother copying, naturally.

Hunter giving his little Easter chickie stuffed toy some love.  I sent this pic to Mama and she wondered where the shirt came from.  Turns out some other kid's jacket got in Hunter's bag from daycare :)  Mimi got a little embroidery done when Hunter napped, and Cove set up his Legos on the table while I stitched.  They were both good boys and we enjoyed our time with them. So glad we are able to see them often. 

Concurrently, we had our younger daughter's cat at our house for 3 weeks, as Erica was in Italy for a wedding.  Feeling sorry for her, right?  
We saw this face often at mealtimes...Lucy begging for turkey, Lucy begging for ham, and I believe this was Lucy begging for salmon, haha.

I did manage a small finish of embroidery in March.
I bought this little Bucilla kit a few years ago and finally got the flowers and little leaves stitched, which were the only parts left undone.  I have a May stitchery design by Lizzie Kate I want to start next.   Next up, our Big Bear vacation.


Kate said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter with the grands. Love the little stitchery, it's very cute. Perfect for spring.

Janet O. said...

Such adorable little boys! It has been fun watching them grow. I feel like they should know me as an aunt or something. LOL
That is a very sweet little stitched piece. What will it be in its finished form?