Monday, May 14, 2018

Design Wall Monday--May 14, 2018

On my design surface is the baby quilt I showed the fabric pulled for on my last post.  Over the week I stitched all the sections and then got the final borders cut and assembled.
This pic is before final assembly of the top. I'm happy with the Grunge and modern fabrics.  It will finish about 35".  The backing and binding are cut, I have spray baste, and will need to get this sandwiched ASAP as it will be gifted next Sunday at a shower and this is a busy week. 

I hope every Mom had a lovely Mother's Day.  We had our annual brunch here with lots of family and food and enjoyed it all.  My kids and husband bought me a FitBit to help me get my steps in :)   Later in the afternoon I took a nice nap, we had a light dinner, and then I wanted to sew.  I have been working on a bin of Jewel Box blocks and matched up all the assembled component pairs the last time I had it out, making it easy to sit and sew them into blocks. 

 I just love playing with all  the colors and prints.
There was an Oops block too!

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I have a few more vacation photos, from our trip to Marble Canyon, fishing on the Colorado River.
 Here's the guide, Mike, powering us up the river to a new fishing spot.  He knows them all.
Here's one of the two fish I caught.  I was concentrating on holding the still live fish so was photographed without a grin.  Very pretty fish, and tasty too.  The water is cold and the canyon deep, so jackets were required early in the morning, especially when we were powering up river.  I was later glad I hadn't worn a heavy shirt under it, though.
I believe this pic was much later in the day.  My Dad and brother noted this was the smallest number of fish they ever caught, but we sure snagged a lot of moss off the river bottom.  The guide noted that the river used to be flushed every spring to get rid of the moss, but they stopped that practice.  We could see a lot of fish as we drifted, but they weren't biting that much.

Our boat trip took us all the way to the bottom of the Glen Canyon Dam; Lake Powell is on the other side of the dam.  Though hard to believe, there were big semi-trucks crossing the top of the expansion bridge, seen as just tiny specks from below.
The rock cliffs were so interesting and different around every bend.  Here the rocks were  shifted to vertical position.  Here and there you could see a green bush that managed to cling to a small amount of dirt in the rocks.  Those bushes in the upper half of the picture were probably 5-10 feet in diameter, but look tiny against the massive cliff face. 
Off the boat, we hiked in a short distance and visited a site with Petroglyphs scratched into the rock face.  I'd say these deer were probably about 10-12" long and high.  There were a number of other figures and symbols on this section of the cliff.

My final picture on the river was of these wild horses.  They totally ignored as they grazed in the setting sun.  We had seen them high above the river earlier in the day.  It was so special to see them closer up.  I'd recommend spending a day on the Colorado River to anyone--there were lots of rafting companies giving tours from Marble Canyon.  It was really spectacular, serene and interesting all at once.  A definite 10 of a day! 


Judy D in WA said...

LOVE the baby quilt! And the Jewel Box blocks!!! Of course there's a mistake, there has to be. It's a rule of quilting. LOL Looks like a beautiful fun day of fishing.

Judy Hansen said...

Very nice baby quilt - I always look for patterns that show off the fabrics and colors for a baby, and this pattern is a good one. AND, your pictures of the Colorado River are spectacular! Thanks for sharing them.

Preeti said...

Is that Meet Cute? Love your fabric choices. I see Cotton & Steel fabrics.
Oh my goodness, I am so jealous - catching fish, eating fish and having the best outdoorsy day!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Gorgeous pictures of your fishing expedition and the Glen Canyon; such beautiful scenery and not a bad fish either, Annie! :) Your Modern Quilt is wonderful and your Jewel Box looks like a fun and relaxing project, it will be so nice all together, well done. Glad your Mother's Day was enjoyable. A Fit-Bit is in my future, I need to keep track of steps. Have a great week~

Janet O. said...

You are so good to get baby quilts made. I just think about it. :)
Love the Jewel Box. I've had those kind of Oops blocks, and I always wonder how I didn't catch it before I sewed it together.
Wow--lovely shots of your river trip! Looks very serene.