Monday, May 21, 2018

Design Wall Monday--May 21

The week sure flew by, it's time for Design Wall Monday again on Judy's Blog.  I have a finish and a WIP to share today. First up, the baby quilt I showed last week.  Although I managed to delay the quilt sandwiching until Friday, once made I settled in to quilt it. 
I did an organic crosshatch with my walking foot--a fancy term for no-mark, randomly spaced quilting :)  Though hard to see, there are a few lines of green stitching among the blue.  I took my time to balance the vertical and horizontal lines.  Having made the binding already, I moved on to that task. 
The orange is a striped fabric and I liked the pop of color on the edges.  Once again, this pattern is called Meet Cute and is available in the Moda Bakeshop.  I made just four blocks for my version.  It was easy and fun and I'm sure I'll make another.  My scrap bins are overflowing.

The back is a navy blue with waves of blue, gray and cream that match fabrics on the front well.  A label and care instructions and it was good to go.  DD Erica and I drove down to Redondo Beach for her cousin's baby shower today and we enjoyed harbor views while chatting and dining.  I included a stuffed bear and a teething toy in the gift bag with the quilt, and all were well received!  The drive back from LA was a bit crowded, but less than 2 hours, so that was good.  

Last week's Jewel Box blocks all got completed, so I was itching to get piecing something else.  I pulled out another WIP, my version of Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville's Naragansett Blues, from her More Adventures with Leader-Enders book.  However, I needed some more leader-ender squares to finish the border pieces I've been sewing between the row assembly, requiring a bunch of cutting.  Finally I was able to complete another row and get it attached to the previous section. 

The rows finish at 3" wide and are assembled vertically.  So far I am happy with the browns and scrappy 4 patches coming together.  I have 12 more rows to add for the smaller version I'm making, for a lap/twin size.   My feline inspector stopped by to hog the camera shot.

I just learned that my Uncle, for whom I am making this quilt, adopted a stray cat who looks remarkably like my Mini, though his cat is a male.

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julieQ said...

You are scrapping it up too...I love your quilts!

Judy D in WA said...

I love your baby quilt and the organic quilting. It looks so cuddly and soft!
Love Naragansett Blues in browns! I need to do that one. Someday. ;)

Nann said...

"Organic quilting" -- I'll have to remember that! The finished quilt looks great, and so does your work-in-progress.

Louise said...

I really like your baby quilt. Thanks for the name of the pattern! Gotta love a good freebie like that :)

Janet O. said...

That is a great baby quilt. Always good to have a few patterns like that in the arsenal when you need a baby quilt without a lot of time to spare. The organic quilting looks just right.
That is a pattern of Bonnie's that always catches my eye, but I don't know that I will ever get one made. I like seeing yours in brown.

Tanya said...

Mini looks so beautiful next to your quilt strip. Or maybe your quilt strip looks so beautiful next to Mini!