Saturday, September 29, 2018

Three for September--Narragansett Browns Delivered

Three for September --I worked on a different WIP for three days at a time all month.  

The main WIP I wanted to finish got a label Thursday morning, and yesterday my sister and I showed up at our Uncle Fred's senior living facility to deliver the quilt. We surprised Uncle Fred in a common area, in the middle of a card game with three ladies, one of whom was familiar with our family through her sister (whose son married my best friend Toni. Still following?)

Uncle Fred obliged by letting me drape the quilt over him blanket style.  Never very talkative, he was still quite pleased and enjoyed the feline QC photo I showed him--he has a cat that looks like my Mini.  The ladies were all very complimentary and I appreciated their kind words.

Disclaimer on the next pic: I am lousy at selfies!
A bit blurry, but still wonderful to have gotten this pic. As we were leaving the facility, coincidentally the sister of the card player was coming in and we stopped and chatted with Mrs. Weeks. (Aside to my best friend: How about that, Toni?)

I sent a picture of the finished quilt to Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, the designer of Narragansett Blues from her book MORE Leaders and Enders, and she posted it on her Facebook page with very nice words about my version.  Lots of folks liked my quilt, which made me very pleased.  

Good news was also received from my nephew and his new bride--they received the package and his wife "loved the placemats, as they matched her kitchen".  Such a sweet thing to hear.  

Tomorrow I will wrap up the Three for September self-challenge.  It has been a good time.


Janet said...

You did absolutely fabulous with your September sewing....such an inspiration to get my butt in gear for October.I thought the picture with Uncle Fred was great 😊👍

Louise said...

The quilt turned out beautifully! And more importantly, it perfectly suits your uncle and he loves it. That shy smile of his tells the tale :)

Chantal said...

Congratulations, Annie. It's a wonderful quilt and your uncle looks very pleased. Most uncles are not very talkative, I'm including my dear FIL in the group. ;^)

QuiltGranma said...

a very nice finish, and though Uncle doesn't say much, I think he really likes it.

Janet O. said...

Wonderful story! And a sweet selfie. I don't take great ones, either, but this is priceless in spite of the slight fuzziness.
The quilt turned out beautifully. This is the second one of that pattern I have seen posted this week, and they were both done in browns. Bonnie may have to change the name of this one. :)

Kate said...

What a fun story! Isn't it amazing where you run into people you "know". Your Narragansett Browns turned out beautifully! Congrats on a fun finish.

Preeti said...

Who says you are lousy? That picture is priceless. I am sure Uncle Fred is pleased as a punch. Love the quilt too. Isn't Bonnie the best? I am a huge fan.

Stephanie D said...

What an awesome quilt! Your Uncle Fred looks pleased, as well he should. Congratulations on another finish!