Thursday, January 30, 2020

Oh My Stars Swap, a Story to Tell

I participated in Barb's (Fun With Barb blog) Oh My Stars swap and eagerly watched her blog and Instagram for all the news on the swap.  I mailed off my reproduction fabric blocks on January 2nd, and in one of Barb's IG stories, spied what I thought were my blocks on the counter behind her coffee cup--below are the blocks I made.

I watched as Barb did all the exhausting hard work of swapping the hundreds of blocks in two different sets, modern and repros---what  a job!  Finally Barb posted that the blocks were all swapped and mailed off on January 23rd.  I was looking forward to receiving them.   However, the next day I received an email and some photos from Barb, with a very sad story--my blocks had reached her THAT DAY, 22 days after being taken to the post office in California.

The mailer I used had exploded and Barb received them in the plastic We Care bag.  I will ever be thankful that someone at the post office took the time to repackage and get these to Barb.  Unfortunately, since the swap packages had already be sent out, my blocks were of course not included.  Barb generously sent me all of HER swapped blocks, despite my encouraging her to choose her favorites and send the rest to me. Barb returned all of mine as well, except for one I insisted she keep.  So sad this will be her last swap.

I received the swap blocks a couple of days ago, but really couldn't bear to go through all of them until tonight.  I looked for red and yellow stars first.

I'm thinking the upper left star was the one I spied on her counter; lying flat, it looked similar to mine below it. 

The blocks are absolutely gorgeous.  I separated the blocks into two groups--Mini liked the single fabric stars...

...I liked the two color stars just as much.

These are all so special and I'm treasuring them due to luck and Barb's incredible generosity!  Thanks to everyone who participated in this final swap.  If any swappers want one of my blocks, let me know.


Janet O. said...

That is a sad story, Annie, and very good of Barb to send hers to you. Why would she not keep your blocks? That would have been a fair swap. I need to go ask Barb that question, I guess. :)
You received some lovely blocks. Do you have immediate plans for them or will they marinate on the shelf for a while?

loulee said...

So good that someone at the post office looked after your blocks. Such a shame they were held up though.

Barb said...

It was such an unfortunate turn of events but it was really the only thing I could do.
I love seeing them laid out like this and surprised to see how many had 2 fabrics.
I know you'll make a wonderful quilt with them!

Tanya said...

Wow, the postal system had some problems this year. I got quite a few people who said my Christmas cards that I had sent before Christmas, didn't arrive til late January. I thought airmail was within a week!

But your stars are beautiful and I look forward to seeing what all you do with them.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness Annie... I have never heard of such a thing!
If those blocks could talk, I wonder what kind of adventure they have had!
It's amazing that the blocks are intact!