Monday, February 15, 2021

Design Wall Monday--Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery

 I'm very late to Design Wall Monday, but do have something to share. See more Design Walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts blog.  

I've been working on the stalled mystery quiltalong that Laundry Basket Quilts gave last year.  The next block was #5 and I needed 8 of them.  I went back to a scrappy layout for this block--the Ohio Star block #4 just had too many small pieces to go scrappy and remain sane.

Lots of pieces to cut but it went together fairly well.  There was a little ripping when I sewed the second small triangle on the wrong side of the square--in more than one block :)  Two of these blocks are located in the center of each outside row in the quilt.

And that completes the 36 outer blocks of the quilt, with 64 to finish. Doing them in sets of blocks makes that number less painful.  I have looked at the Instagram hashtag and there are lots pretty finished mystery quilts.  I'm going to copy a different layout that I found.  Just wait and see!


Bonnie said...

Good for you to move the mystery ahead. I’ve been making oopsy sewing mistakes a lot. I think it probably makes sense to make the same block over and over again so you learn the right way to put them together. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work for me. Have a great week.

Preeti said...

I like these blocks, Annie. Not sure I have seen them before. Do they have a name? Love the dusty rose color - gives a very vintage look.

Janet O. said...

I am very curious now to see how this all plays out. :)

Tanya said...

It's fun to watch the quilt come together!

Kate said...

Very pretty! Looking forward to checking out the alternate layout. Hopefully you can keep up the momentum with this project and get those last few blocks finished up this month.