Thursday, February 18, 2021

Nearly There on Greenpiece

The well-aged Greenpiece BOM is THIS CLOSE to being a finished top. I got the assembled flange pieces cut to width and length of the quilt center and sewed them on with a scant 1/4" as directed.

The top and bottom flanges overlap the first border.  My sliver trimming of the extra triangles on the pieced first border section shown several posts ago definitely was the right call, as with the addition of the outer border pieces there would have been 5 layers in parts of that seam!  Next I pressed the outer border fabric that has been folded in its protective plastic sleeve all these years.  I never noticed until now that the fabric was designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  So pretty!

This was when she was designing for Moda, she has been with Andover the past few years.

The binding, lengthwise side border, and top and bottom border pieces were all cut, and I made the binding right away.  The border pieces will get assembled and sewn on likely on Saturday, as we have a family dinner tomorrow for Mom's birthday.  My husband plans to stay home as he has not been vaccinated yet and is frequently out in public for work, though he wears a mask and sanitizes constantly--his COVID shot is next week.

I got out of the house for a bit on Tuesday afternoon when I went to donate blood.  Afterwards I drove down to the harbor, intending to get out and walk a bit, but it was very very windy.  I noticed tons of birds flying around near the harbor mouth around what I first thought was a fishing boat.  Upon pulling into a parking lot, I realized it was actually a large sand dredge.  Our harbor is man-made and therefore periodically requires dredging, which can go on for months.

Can you see from this not-very-clear, through-the-windshield photo how much sand was being blown by the wind?  I took a video but the lighting was dull. The birds were being thrown around a lot in the air, there were hundreds to the left and right of this scene.  I didn't stay long in the parking lot, as so much sand was being blown on my car, I didn't want the paint to suffer.  I later got a photo of another driver...
..of our nearly 6 month old grandson Dane taking the wheel :)  So cute!  He's filling out and getting some hair.  I sent some pics of our son as a 6 month old to our son and DIL, as they wanted to compare who he looks more like at that age. 
As COVID numbers go down in our county and more and more are vaccinated, in-person grandson visits  may be soon be in our future.  There is talk as well of the county opening the schools again, though the individual districts have the final decision about whether it is practical to open for the remaining 3.5 months of the school year, with most staff in lower tiers to get vaccinated.  Meanwhile, as long as I'm allowed by my employer, I will continue to work from home--and not have to wear an N95 mask and plastic face shield in the office while doing medical scribe duties.  Glad for that option!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy to read that you have the work-from-home option. Dane is just adorable! Edyta is a wonderful designer, no matter who she's designing for; your Greenpiece is shaping up beautifully. I never really thought about sand dredging, but I understand; it must be something to watch (minus the blowing sand!). There's nothing to compare with in-person hugs, not one thing; we'll get there!

Tanya said...

Good to know that the Covid numbers are going down in your area! Ours too. The Japanese public doesn't get vaccinated until March so we've got a bit of time left to our sheltering-in-place... But things are looking up! You'll get hugs in with Dane and I may just get to see my grandson this summer!

Kate said...

The Edyta fabric is really pretty. I've always liked pink and brown, but haven't made much with those colors. Glad to hear that you are seeing the COVID numbers drop. I think our especially cold and snowy weather forced a bit of stay at home, so hopefully that means our cases will continue to drop.

Barb said...

That fabric is just is a shame to cut it up. Don't know if you ever feel that way. Love the little driver