Thursday, February 4, 2021

Pieced Borders with an Oops

 Next task on the Greenpiece BOM quilt was to add the pieced borders I made a few years back.  When I went to pin on the side border, I noticed a mistake.  

Can you see it?  I did not trim away the bottom layer on the triangle corner when assembling, meaning a lot of bulk when added to the quilt top.  Some very tedious surgery was required on the four long sections of pieced border. 

Besides the triangle center, I sliver trimmed the seam allowance and used a pin to tease the fibers away from one side of the seamline and pull it free. You can see the difference with the triangle trimmed in this pic:

I did have one mishap where I cut through both triangle layers, but since I saved all the kit fabric leftovers, easily found a matching 2.5" maroon square for repair.

After performing the surgery on all four sections, they were pinned on and matched up like a dream!  I have cut and prepared the fabric for the next step, a flange in a maroon dot.  Perhaps I'll find time tomorrow to cut the four lengths of flange and get them pinned on between telemed patients.  

The final step is cutting/adding the floral outer borders and cutting binding pieces.  Getting so close to a finished top, I can almost taste it :)

Meanwhile, I needed a new embroidery project to keep my hands busy when not at the sewing machine. 
This is a Bucilla kit that includes a little frame along with the fabric and floss, which I probably picked up on sale at Joann's or Michael's store.  I don't remember where I got the horse floss holder, but Efficient Me had already separated all the floss strands and attached the mane when I kitted this up.  Happy to just thread the needle and get going! It was interesting to note the laundering instructions recommended NOT using fine washables-type detergent to clean the needlework, but mild dishwashing liquid.  I'll show progress when I have some more to show--so far I've only added a few rows of the pale yellow flower petals, too boring to share!


julieQ said...

Annie, I have been watching your sampler come together, and loving each step!! You are indeed so close to a finish...just gorgeous! Cross stitch is fun too!!!

Sherrill said...

Ahh, those little things drive me crazy especially when you're so close to the finish line!! At least it appears you didn't have to do any (or much) ripping which is always good. I, too, am trudging along with a little cross-stitch in the evenings.

Janet O. said...

Must have been disheartening to realize you had to perform surgery before attaching borders, but you soldiered on. It looks incredible! That border treatment creates a wonderful frame. I kind of think I know how this must feel for you, after I finished a 22-year-old and a 5-year-old UFO last year! That is a pretty little cross-stitch pattern--lots of shading to add detail to it!

Quilter Kathy said...

That is a gorgeous border for a sampler quilt... I love it!
I might use that great idea one of these days!
Enjoy your new hand stitching project ;)

Tanya said...

Oh that quilt is so gorgeous! I did some similar surgery on one of my recent quilts. Forgot to clip away that extra bit and it does take more concentration after it is all sewn to something else!

Kate said...

Greenpiece is gorgeous. The pieced border sounds like it was a pain, but it really works with the center blocks.