Design Wall Monday--October 25, 2021

Design Wall Monday--See more design walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts blog. 

I worked on the Square Dance Quilt--which I mistakenly was calling the Livin' Large Quilt, but that is the name of the pattern book.  The narrow border was tedious, as usual, but went on without too much trouble. Fabrics and pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson, Anka's Treasures.  Book is available in her shop. 

The quilt inspector was in her box for the night so she missed a QC opportunity. 

This pic shows the solid brown's warm tone better than some other pics, but revealed a missed point meeting. 

We emptied the sewing room for a carpet cleaning and that gave me the opportunity to use the wide open space to layout the final border the following day.  I had sewn all the rectangles together the night before the cleaning. 

The top is now complete.  I'm very happy with it.   The two lightest blocks in the upper right are washed out in these pics, from the patio window, but look fine in person.  I may use the leftover border pieces on the quilt back, but haven't started that process yet.  For now, Square Dance will go in the closet with the rest of the finished quilt tops.  The To-Be-Quilted list is getting out of hand. 


That is really cute - and a great way to showcase a big print!
Janet O. said…
It really turned out beautifully! The brown corner meetings (we all miss a meeting now and then, don't we?) and inner border really give depth and help accent the pretty prints.
Preeti said…
This is so pretty. I love the scrappy border. It really brightens the quilt.

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