Sunday, October 31, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching--Cross-stitch and Halloween costume

Slow Sunday Stitching--see more projects on Kathy's Quilts Blog

Not much slow stitching has been happening around here, but I did spend a bit of time on the cat cross stitch project. 

Nearly finished with one side of the cat's chin and cheek. 

Last progress pic for reference.

Most of my crafting/sewing time this week was spent on costume making.  Daughter Elaine tasked me with making a costume for younger grandson, Hunter.   Big Brother Cove is going to be Harry Potter, and Elaine asked me to make a Hedgwig the Owl costume for Hunter (age 5). She bought the materials to copy a homemade costume she saw on a blog, and started by cutting out a tunic base and a bunch of felt feathers.  I took over from there, sewing all the feathers onto the tunic, and cutting out a half-circle cape from the white felt.

While there are lots of "no sew" costumes, I wanted this to last, so I used my walking foot to sew down the rows of overlapping feathers. I cut a lot more feathers in a larger size to cover the majority of the cape. This was not hard, just time consuming.  I did not do it all at once, but broke it into several sessions when I ran out of cut feathers and needed more. 

I used the smaller feathers on the top few rows.  The tunic back has no feathers, since by design I made the cape long enough to cover the whole thing.  I waited for Hunter to try on the costume before adding some elastic to hold the cape on his arms. 

We did have to trim the cape a bit in width, and I re-secured the ends of the feather rows where we trimmed.  Hunter was very excited. 

He'll wear gray leggings and actual shoes for trick or treating tonight. 

The elastic bands at his wrist and upper arm worked great.  I took a video of him flapping around the backyard. 

Mama cleverly bought a second pair of Harry Potter glasses to use to make Hedwig's beak and face feathers.  Can't wait to see the boys all dressed up tonight!


CathieJ said...

You are a talented costume maker. That is a great Hedwig.

Sarah said...

That's a very cute cross stitch. Your hedwig costume is awesome. That's one happy little boy I think!

loulee said...

That is one very cute costume. I hope they got a great haul of goodies.

Jenny said...

That's an amazing costume!

sandi s said...

That is a wonderful owl costume! The glasses to use for a mask is genius! I hope they had a good time. Hugs,

Denise :) said...

Clever and cute costume! I hope you'll share pics of the whole troop! Your cross stitch is darling ... and I love your purple nails! :)

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Annie, what a great costume. Your grandson will be able to play with it after Halloween. I'm sure he looked great last night.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Gorgeous custome

Tanya said...

What a wonderful costume! So creative of you!

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