Design Wall Monday--Square Dance Quilt Progress

Design Wall Monday rolls around again--I didn't get a chance to post before work so here I am late again. See more design walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts blog. 

There was no sewing to speak of during the week--and there were outside activities--so I caught up with the Square Dance quilt on Sunday while Grant was playing in a golf tournament with his buddies. 

I added the last two block selections, a third green and a third yellow block. This nighttime pic doesn't flatter the blocks much!  The pattern book (Livin Large by Heather Mulder Peterson) called for brown squares to be cut for some of the block intersections.  I did not want to have a lot of leftover triangles so I used my new favorite Folded Corner Clipper tool to cut HSTs from the appropriate width strip of solid brown. 

There will be a 2" cut border of the brown and then rectangles of all the different prints for a final border.  It seemed to take me all day to get these corners lined up correctly and then sewn and trimmed.

Another nighttime pic, but I was pleased with how well the corners matched.  The brown looks very dark in this pic but the color is truer in the prior photo.  The individual rows were sewn but not yet assembled to complete the top.  I'm hoping to work on this tomorrow afternoon if not needed to babysit grandson Dane.  He and his parents came to the older grandson's soccer game on the weekend so we got to see them all.

My next sewing assignment is a Hedwig Halloween costume for grandson Hunter....more on that adventure in another post :)


loulee said…
Those wee corner stones really do make the colours pop out.
Quiltpiecer said…
I love these fabrics and colors. Lovely!
Sharon Kwilter said…
Those are neat blocks. I have some small panels that would probably look great with that pattern. Thanks for sharing it.
Preeti said…
These blocks lovely, Annie. I especially admire their vintage charm. I am sure they will make a darling quilt.
Very stunning quilt, Annie! Love the cornerstones.
Janet O. said…
Wow, those dark corners give a whole new depth to this quilt. I like the sound of the borders. This will be a delightful quilt featuring those fun fabrics.

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