A Beginning

I am plunging into this blogging world after enjoying reading so many wonderful quilters' blogs for the past several months. What an inspiring place to spend time (and boy, have I). The first blog I read was from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website and I think I was at that site for about three hours the first visit!

First, a little about the name of my blog: an "ort" is a scrap, and I love scrap quilts. I also love words, having made my living by spelling for the past 20 years as a medical transcriptionist. So combining that often-found-in-a-crossword-clue plus quilt equals Annie's Quilt Orts.

Next, a little about me: I've been married 24 years this month to a true "keeper" of a man, and we have a young man and two young women (they can't be called children if they are all over 18, can they?) I have been machine sewing since I was 11 and quilting became my prominent hobby about ten years ago. Before that I spent most of my sewing time making clothing for my family and others, including a few wedding and bridesmaid dresses, costumes, prom and cotillion dresses, and all kinds of home sewing. I belong to a Yahoo group called Quiltbuddies and have done annual block swaps and some strip swaps with this lovely group of ladies from all over the country and four corners of the globe.

Finally, my goals with this blog: sharing my passion for fabric, quilting and sewing!


Looking forward to seeing your quilts. Your masthead project is a winner!

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