Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bunco or Bunko?

Just got back from playing Bunco with a group of neighborhood gals. We have so much fun eating and talking its amazing we get through three rounds. I love a no skill game--no need to strategize and no one can ever be better at it than another! Two of our members are pregnant, one is having a girl after two boys, and the other a second boy. We have a variety of ages in the group and never run out of things to share and laugh about. No other quilters in this group but they are interested in my work and appreciate the craft. One member mentioned a quilt her sister in law had specially made after her father died, out of his shirts, and someone else mentioned they knew a family who got teddy bears made out of their dad's shirts after he passed away. I had never heard of that. Two of our group are going to the Bunco championships held in Las Vegas next weekend. They are making a fun trip out of it by taking hubbies along!

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