Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another finish

I got the binding and hanging sleeve all sewn down on Susie's quilt. Can't post pics yet; it will get sent by mail probably Tuesday to OZ. That's all the quilting activity I got done this week, unfortunately.

Now I'm off to my mom's bday party. I made a cheesecake, well, actually it's a cream cheese pie, from the good old Betty Crocker cookbook my Grandma bought me when I got married. This is the kind of dessert you can only make if people are coming over or if you take it somewhere---otherwise you will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a midnight snack too. I almost stopped to buy fresh strawberries from a roadside stand just now as I was coming back from an errand, but the man was closing the gate and I was in the wrong lane. It always seems too early for strawberries in February but that's when they start harvesting them around here. Many hundreds, maybe even many thousands of acres are planted in strawberries in my county. There is a huge field just a couple of miles away on property that has been owned by the same family for three generations, and their kids man the roadside stand during the season. My youngest is good friends with the daughter and she brought a half flat of strawberries she had hand picked herself to my DD's birthday party last year! A very special gift indeed!

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