Monday, February 16, 2009

A good quilting day

I love this kind of a Monday---very little work and lots of time to play! Susie's project is all quilted, the binding is machine sewn on and ready to be tacked down, and has turned out very well. All that's left are a hanging device and a label before I send it to OZ.

DH's quilt backing got measured, cut, and sewn together and then ironed, the biggest job! I think I will have to borrow my mom and dad's living room floor to get it laid out, though, it's too big to pin to the carpet. I usually tape down the back to my carpet, then after the layers are smoothed down I lift up some of the tape and slide my largest cutting mat under the backing, reaching back in and sliding it around as I safety pin. It works pretty well for most size projects that I do but DH's is 72" x 84" and that is too big. Mom and Dad have hardwood floors so I don't have to use a mat. I would love to do this on a table someday!

The predicted rain was not as heavy as believed, though DH told me it woke him up several times early this morning. As usual, I didn't hear a thing. We had one huge crash of thunder in the early afternoon that scared the dog, but then the sun came out and except for a few more showers, the rain party was over. Looking forward to some sunny days!


YankeeQuilter said...

Love the word play on your ort really a scrap? (have to go find the dictionary for that one!) What a great scrabble word that would be!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Best wishes with binding that great, big quilt. I love the word "orts", too!