Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

DH and I are both sick with colds and we spent our Valentine's Day just hanging out at home. I received a lovely card and a can of Almond Roca. DH got nuttin'. Yep, I am a baaad wifey. The truth is that I don't care about Valentine's Day because our anniversary is so soon after this Hallmark holiday that we never celebrate Valentine's.

I spent the afternoon working on various quilting projects so my heart was happy. My MATH worked out perfectly for Susie's project and I was very pleased. It is now a partially quilted sandwich with the binding all ready to go on as well. I to have to remember to put a hanging sleeve on the back or sew on a ring to hang it from. I won't be able to post pics until the project is winging its way to Susie in OZ. I'm really excited about it tho!

I also cut the binding for DH's quilt, for which I am going to buy batting tomorrow. I have decided to do some hand quilting on DH's quilt as well so I don't think I will finish by the Quiltbuddies deadline of the 20th, but it should be well along by then I hope.

Another decision was made regarding a quilt for DD#1, who likes simple, graphic designs. She liked a quilt called "Zen" from my Feb 2009 American Patchwork & Quilting mag, and I already had a kit of batiks I bought years ago that will work perfectly for it. Serendipity Zen may turn out to be the perfect name for that quilt. So I had a happy and pleasant afternoon playing with fabric.

DS came over for dinner and we had wonderful minestrone soup my mom had made. DH decided it would be perfect on this chilly day (now, I know that is a relative statement coming from SoCalif! but it topped out at about 55 degrees today--cool for us). DD#2 brought over a girlfriend and made her dinner since they are both single this Valentine's. I finished off my evening by reading blogs while listening to DS play Guitar Hero. Now I really must get some sleep if I can--last night I woke up coughing quite often and need more rest. I'll sing the song to myself that I got from a Dave Barry book and sang to my kids: Go to sleep, go to sleep, go-o right straight to sle-eep, aaannd slee-eep all the wa--ay until seh-e-ven o'clock!

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Julie in the Barn said...

Hi Annie
Welcome to the blogging world. Your Pinapple Blossom quilt is stunning. I just love red quilts. Thanks for the visit. You are a "no-reply" so I couldn't answer you when you commented.