Friday, March 6, 2009

A happy week

A quartet of happy things occurred this week, only one of them quilt related, but pleasant nonetheless. First, I got Susie's little quilt mailed off on Monday. I'll try to post pics tomorrow. On Tuesday, a new nephew arrived via my brother #2's family---their 6th child--fat and healthy except for some low blood sugar that was cured by breastfeeding. Momma and baby John are home with the rest of the bunch now, but probably not getting much rest...

On Wednesday, thanks to the generous help and recommendation of a kindly neighbor, The Boy (DS) got a job after being unemployed for 2-1/2 months. He starts Monday working for a concrete boring company (I think!) and is very grateful to have a job again. He came over and watched "Lost" with me on Wednesday night and it was wonderful to see him smile again.

On a work-related note, Thursday's office mail brought a very large check from Medicare, whom we have been trying to get to recognize our new address for five months, and it was a nightmare of calls and waiting, more info needed, faxing, calls and waiting. Palmetto, who took over California Medicare claims processing, finally updated their files---until they did so, they would "pay" the claims and send them to secondary insurance companies, but would not release the funds to us per their protocol of "do not forward"--i.e., no mail to a forwarded address. Finally, I got word that our address had at last been updated, and in two days the check arrived. We all did a happy dance, but none more than Dr. P!

I'm planning on getting some fabric cutting done this evening so I can sew tomorrow, but may have to wait for better light in the morning for that, and just work on the trimming and binding of G-man's (DH) quilt tonight. My eyes are tired.

Can't believe we'll have Daylight Savings start already this weekend. Sheesh. I really NEED that hour of sleep, darn it!

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