Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old friends

Went to an annual St. Patrick's Day party complete with Irish dancers and wonderful food, drink and masses of people hanging out at the beach houses. My former boss used to serve as "team physician" to the dancers, from the Claddagh School of Irish Dancing. These girls have won numerous and international competitions, including All Ireland, and sported a World Cup that they hope to win again. My boss was in Ireland with the team in Killarney at competitions when he suffered a pulmonary embolism and died there in March 2005--a tragic, shocking thing that affected us all. His widow has continued the annual party since, as Dr. B would have wanted. As I was waiting for G-man to join me at the party, an old friend came walking down the lane as the guest and we had a great visit while enjoying the party. Years past, our families spent a lot of time together but then there was a separation and divorce and the husband moved away, far away--to Russia! I hope Jean and I will be able to get together and renew our friendship.

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KC Quilter said...

Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate St. Pat's Day!!! And how nice to reconnect with an old friend.