Monday, March 30, 2009

Quilty weekend

Work on The Boy's quilt filled a lot of my weekend. I finished the square in square blocks for the project, called "The Big Easy", from Winter 2006 Quilts and More mag. The pattern called for only 10 of these blocks but I wanted more! So 18 were sewn. Since The Boy only wanted three colors (black, gray and blue) I chose fabrics that had a lot of movement and added white for contrast, mixing them with some smaller scale prints and simple graphics like dots. These will finish at 8" square.

Below are all 18.

I think this one is my favorite but I like them all.

Here are the solid block fabrics that go with the square in square blocks--just randomly arranged in an 11x12 layout.

This quilt is gonna be big! Finished size is 88 1/2 x 96 1/2. The Boy's "wingspan", which we measured last night, is 76 inches. That means he can stretch out both arms under this quilt and still be covered! He helped me lay it all out on the family room floor last night after dinner and play switch-around to get a good composition. E-2 also provided another pair of eyes to keep doubles from touching, etc. I am pleased that this project is this far into progress as I first started buying fabric for it over a year ago! I hope to get a few rows sewn together this week. I also worked on G-man's quilt but still haven't finished hand stitching down the binding to the back. Maybe tonight if my eyes aren't too tired.

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julieQ said...

Wow, I like this one! Very pretty.