Friday, March 27, 2009


I changed my blog template--I think the former template was making the posts look too long!

This has been another longish week--but some good changes happened workwise as help was hired and tasks shifted to soothe stresses. There were even some small successes that cleaned up some messy loose ends and that was cause for celebration. Though it seems we go two steps forward and one step back, still we are making progress!

Speaking of progress, I got four of the square in square blocks for The Boy's quilt done one evening this week. They have six different fabrics in each block, which is a lot, and are supposed to be 8 1/2" square when sewn. Mine seem to be a little undersized...more like 8 1/4". So there will be some adjustments when I get to sewing the pieced blocks to the solid blocks. I am not too worried, it will all work itself out in the end (fingers crossed!).

I was
thinking of accompanying my parents to see my new nephew tomorrow, a spur of the moment idea of theirs, but it means about 5 hours in a car tomorrow, driving down to Riverside County and back, and I just had too many plans for the weekend. I sent a package with some gifties last weekend to welcome Baby John; that will have to do for now!

Now to the sewing machine and more square in square blocks--watching my seam allowance more carefully from now on.

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