Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am NOT used to this time change thingie! I stay up too late and can't wake up in the morning. Not working too well for me right now. Job #1 at least I do in my pajamas so I don't have to look alert, even! One of the cardiologists, who I must say is not a favorite of anyone that I know of, drives me insane at times. This morning in a dictation he spelled b-e-n-d, as if any dolt wouldn't know how to spell that, let alone a professional transcriptionist with 20 years experience. He will also spell the same word multiple times through a report, but then he doesn't spell things like "amaurosis fugax". Go figure. The other per diem transcriptionist and I cringe when he is on rotation! One of the physiology techs even jokingly suggested they wished he would get hit by a bus! The hospital is going through an upgrade of one of their systems and the "Go Live" date is approaching, being met with much trepidation by all the staff and managers. I plan to spend half a day at the hospital on the actual Go Live date but am certainly not going to worry about it. It is beyond my control and my only responsibility is to get the transcription done---everyone else can iron out the wrinkles!

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