Friday, April 24, 2009

Another kind of quilter

I inducted my sister Kathy into the quilt "cult" in 2005. I had taken her to my LQS to pick out fabrics for a strippy quilt I was going to make her. She picked up a Ricky Tims book and fell in love with the improvisational way he made his Convergence quilts. Though she admired my traditional way of quilting, cutting up fabrics into pieces and sewing them back together again, that didn't really fit the way her brain worked. Ricky's methods sparked her imagination and she was a goner. I began receiving phone calls where she made sure I knew it was "all my fault" that she was standing in a quilt shop buying $150 worth of batiks! Her creations, so different from mine, brought us closer together even though she lives far away in Missouri. We have since attended a Ricky Tims class in Indiana and the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, and have shopped at many quilt/fabric stores together. I still get the occasional call from Kathy...but I will take the blame! Here we are at Christmas 2008.

Below is Kathy's latest project, still up on her design wall. She fussy cut the lilies from yardage. Isn't it coming along wonderfully?
Check out how she did the satin stitching. Genius! It is not until you get close to the quilt that you find the background is NOT pieced squares, it is offset strips. So clever!

Kathy and I are so very different, but share so much through this quilting passion! She inspires me with exploration and invention, and I help her with scale and hue. I love you, sis!


Stephanie D. said...

That is awesome! And to offset the strips like that--her mind works differently from mine, too. I would never have thought of that.
Have you convinced her to blog yet?

*karendianne. said...

That's really a beautiful piece she did. And what a blessing you can share the art of quilting. I can't imagine. I have a sister. She's 14 years younger and, well, a joke... I mean a jock! How tacky of me. Bad comment but you did in fact say you like comments so please leave one. You didn't say it had to be a quality comment!

sheesh, Karen!