Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Brother

Of the five offspring my parents raised, only two of us still live in town, my oldest brother and I. As a consequence of our busy lives, we don't see each other that much, sadly. I made this quilt for K last year sort of as an early 50th bday present but also as the proud sis of a great brother, mechanic, Cub Scout Leader and dad, as well as a small business owner, part-time ROP teacher and college student! You can see why I don't run into him often. This is a simple pattern that was called Endless Summer, from AP&Q mag a few years ago. I picked prints of things K likes; cars, travel, rocks, fishing, fireworks, etc. Broccoli got included because it was the right color green to go with the Mustang in the car print! Many of these I picked up at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago that my sister, mom, and I went to in 2007. That's me peeking over the top. It looks like I'm levitating and have four hands!

Close up of the free motion quilting below.
And a happy man with his quilt. A complaint from his wife inspired the orange in the binding.

Now, K believes that I have inducted our sister , mom, and anyone else I can lay hands on into a quilting cult. He says that "just one block" leads to joining this cult and he refuses to be pulled in. All kidding aside, he loves his quilt and uses it all the time. Grumbling has been heard from the two other brothers who have yet to receive a quilt, especially since I have already made two for my sister. All I can say is I'M WORKING ON IT!!

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