Saturday, April 11, 2009

My hometown--The Poinsettia City

Photo from my backyard, 2008

On my sidebar I posted a few links for reasons to visit my hometown. I love living here and can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else. There are at least a thousand places I want to visit in the world, but I would never regret coming home to So Calif. We are quite spoiled here with our weather, clean air, and small-town atmosphere. I am surprised often by both how small and how big this city has gotten. When my parents moved here from Bakersfield in 1961 with two small boys and me on the way, the city population was 22,000. Now it is over 100,000 but is still small enough to have rival high schools and generations of families who have farmed and lived in this county. It's a great place to come from!

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