Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Grandma the Quilter

My dad's mom made a few quilts. She grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska and was the oldest girl in a large family. The Sunbonnet Sue-type are feedsack prints from the 30's and 40's. Grandma left home young and probably made these blocks before then, but the quilts were finished much later with her sisters. They are hand embroidered and hand quilted. One of her other quilts we used to use as a beach blanket (!!) when I was a little kid and it became too tattered to use anymore. Much later, I made a doll quilt from a "good" section and later attached a block to a tote bag that I made and gave her. I still have the rest of the "cutter" quilt stored in my closet.

This one is a yo-yo quilt, also from feedsack prints. She had her church quilting group tie it to a backing. The label says "Made 1934. Tied 1997". How's that for holding onto a UFO!

This quilt lived on the guest bedroom bed and I slept under it many times. It is also hand embroidered and hand quilted.
Unfortunately Grandma has vascular dementia and does not remember making these quilts. She is now 91 and living in a very nice Senior memory care home. My Grandma was a great "from scratch" cook and took care of everyone else all her life so it is difficult to see her struggle now with her mind. Grandma's quilts and sewing baskets came to me when she was moved to the senior home and being of that generation, she never threw anything away. I have some true vintage treasures in needle cases, buttons, notions, and tons of wooden spools of thread. I think I inherited some of her mother's and sister's things as well from when they passed! When I finally get a sewing room, I plan to display Grandma's quilts and the vintage sewing items. I love you, Grandma!


*karendianne. said...

I really enjoyed this post. Cool of you to share with us!

YankeeQuilter said...

Those are some precious memories and quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie D. said...

Those are beautiful, and though it's sad she doesn't remember making them it's great that you could attach a good part to a tote bag for her. I have some old ones I treasure, too. It's great to have a sense of connection with past generations, isn't it?