Weekend work/Another top

I spent Saturday morning working on the hand quilting on G-man's quilt, just big stitch quilting with Perle cotton. I am liking the folksy addition and not trying to be perfect, just generally straight!

Below, this is my experiment with leftover 5" oriental charm pack squares and some triangle squares from Susie's quilt. It is going to turn into a table runner for part of a wedding gift.

The orange print will be the backing, making it two-sided. I love the orange! The other print and some leftover mottled black/blue from the triangle squares will make the front.

Lastly, I finished E-1's Batik Zen top. It is really much prettier in person.

Nothing in particular happened in my quilty world on Sunday but I did have spend some pleasant hours there on Friday night (after the earthquake) and Saturday. It was a good weekend though of course went by too fast. Watched "Frost and Nixon" last night on pay per view with G-man. It was pretty good but left me with more questions. I was 12 when he resigned, and was on a long vacation with my Grandparents and a cousin. We were in Port Angeles, Washington, watching on TV the bizarre resignation and "victory exit" by helicopter. I'll never forget it! Politicians do live in their own little worlds, don't they?


Stephanie D said…
Wow, I reallllly like that batik zen top! So different!
YankeeQuilter said…
Like the batik zen...I've had that pattern on the top of my computer desk for a few weeks but hadn't found the right fabric combo...like how yours came out. Maybe I should check out the batik cabinet a bit more?!
*karendianne. said…
Love G-Mans quilt and your batik top really rocks! Love watching that come to life. It's been fun.
Finn said…
Fun, fun, fun! Love the E-1 batik. My friend Betsy is piecing one very similar with a K. Fassett solids jellyroll.
Great quilts AnnieO *VBS* Hugs, Finn

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