Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where did the holiday go?

In between transcription work I spent more time this holiday weekend working on handquilting Grant's quilt but still not getting finished. I continued dragging my feet at piecing the backings for Nick and Elaine's quilts but they are on my mind (and stacked on my Hoosier cabinet in plain sight!). The table runner's "due date" is coming up June 5; progress was made in cutting the remaining pieces except the binding, and sewing on sashing and the two side pieces. I had to take a deep breath before cutting the angle for the pointed ends. Backing was also cut out and a piece of batting the right size located in my leftovers bin, so next is pin basting. These projects were all in this post so my progress isn't very pic worthy.

A big boo boo happened when I got over enthusiastic about getting some cutting done so I could sit and piece blocks while avoiding sewing backings. I washed and ironed a lot of fabric in between cutting for two different projects. Therefore I screwed up and cut a 3 layer stack of fat quarters completely wrong and in such a way that they cannot be used for their assigned project. Sigh. So tonight after Job #3 (my other other job) I visited my local fabric store and hunted up some replacements. Once again I was searching for the elusive white/cream background with a green print--naturally my mistake in cutting included the one fat quarter I just located a couple of months ago! Oh well. I found some replacements but am resigned to enjoying the originals in some other project later.

My ironing board was very busy as I also ironed some clothing for the first time in a long time. I finally tired of wearing the same five outfits every week to work and now have a fresh crop of shirts to wear. I even reironed the creases in my slacks! This post is occurring way past my bedtime so pardon my rambling...


*karendianne. said...

Oh but we do enjoy the runon ramblings of a woman past her bedtime, don't we?

Gosh but you got a lot done, much progress and a dern lot of chores. I'm happy to see that at least ONE of us is done wearing hte same clothes over and over and has started ironing a new crop of shirts. Living at LeeHaven where one the menagerie is looking (and the mailmain) I feel so free to do whatever it is that I do. ...just don't tell.

dee said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. You really are one busy woman. I'm in awe...AWE I tells ya!!