Saturday, June 27, 2009

I pinned, I sewed, I cut

Friday night I actually sat at the machine for the first time in a week. Here's my newest project, from Quilt Sampler mag by AP&Q. Though I loved the Civil War look, I wanted to use scraps for most of it. I did have to buy some lights to make the 112 blocks needed. Isn't this a great pattern? I love the zig zag and it is made with only one block!

The majority of these fabrics I had on hand as either scraps or stash. I wanted a summery look with lots of green and florals. The basic block is a 6 inch light with a 5 inch print. I double sewed the triangles so I will have a large pile of bonus triangle squares when I am finished. I'm playing around with making them into small hourglass blocks (a sudden inspiration that caused me to stay up past 11:30 last night at the machine!)

Next, here's Nick's quilt top and the main backing fabric. Unfortunately I did not buy enough of this when I happened upon it--the perfect flannel fabric with all the colors he chose plus a triangle design--so I needed to do MATH.

As I've noted before, I am a WORD girl! But I figured out how to get the backing the right size using leftover fabric 10 1/2" squares down the center to make the back wide enough. Length was not a problem, fortunately.

This MATH problem was for Elaine's quilt backing. Same dilemma, how to squeeze the right sized backing out of the minimum amount of fabric on hand!

Here's the backing all cut out with the quilt top next to it. I did a test layout on the floor and even with seam allowances, it will be big enough by a couple of inches all around. Success!

Tomorrow the plan is to get the backings sewn together. I had a good day playing with fabric and getting all my projects organized and ready to go under the needle. Cutting takes sooo much time but I stretched it out by stopping to do 25 things in between all the different quilts I was cutting for! I was also interrupted by Grant calling me to come and get Mini, as she had a lizard in the garage. I swear, she had only been outside for ten minutes and already caught something. She had it on the neighbor's driveway at first and there was a section of lizard tail that popped off that was still wriggling, grossing out our pregnant neighbor. The lizard disappeared in the garage and Grant made me keep the door closed so it couldn't get in the house. That Darn Cat!


loulee said...

Wow, you have been busy. Enjoy your sewing today.

*karendianne. said...

Oh the MATH and the planning. And staying up late, too. hee! That sounds like fun. I wanted to tell you the RRack quilt caught my eye as well. I'm going to really look forward to seeing this one come to life! I don't see it in my near future so I'll live thru you! :)