Monday, June 29, 2009

Backings made!

I did get both backings sewn together on Sunday and ready to go. I am renting my mom's floor tomorrow night and hope to have roped in my SIL to help pin this monster of a quilt that Nick's turned out to be. It's king sized I think! Elaine's quilt still has to have batting bought for it but I am eager to get both projects pinned and ready to get the machine quilting done.

DD Elaine and her boyfriend of 3+ years are planning to get a place together and she has asked me to look out for some "kitchen things" they need when I shop over the next couple of months. I began to think of what I can't live without in my cooking and serving needs: serving bowls and platters, slotted spoons and spatulas, prep bowls and baking sheets. It sure adds up when you consider prices of ordinary items! I have one special thing I am going to order for her. Elaine can't stand gift secrets and tries to get people to tell her what the gift is, she's done this since she was little and is the main reason I never put out Christmas presents under the tree very early! I'd always tease and tell her "I forgot" what I bought her. She says she uses this line on her boyfriend now too!


Stephanie D. said...

THrift shops and yard sales--and don't forget craigslist and freecycle! Amazing at even the brand new or gently used items you can pick up for not much money!

loulee said...

Well I was about to make the same suggestions as Stephanie.
'Quilting Fiesta' is making loads of bits for her daughter, pot holders, pretty kitchen towels, etc. Those are extra special.

*karendianne. said...

Elaine sounds charming with her cuteness!