Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on Word project

I finished my word project for Tonya. Can't say I'm entirely pleased with it, but for a first effort, I'll give myself a C. I hope it meets approval! No pic to post yet of that but I'll take one before I pop it in the mail to Tonya.
.........I then spent a bit of time last night doing "MATH" for backings of Nick's and Elaine's quilts. I think I have it worked out but jeez it takes a long time. I like pieced backs but they are a pain to get the right size, especially when you don't start with quite enough of the fabrics you wanted to use...ahem...this is a dysfunction of not taking pattern information with you to the fabric store/LQS. Luckily, I will just squeak by with what I have on hand. Unfortunately, I will still have to come up with binding fabrics for both as well, but that's a problem for another month!
........Meanwhile, here's a pic I shot of a layout for a little quilt to make from leftovers from Grant's Diamonds. I can see right now that I will need to play with the arrangement again. The middle block of the top row needs two corners switched. These are all 3 1/2" triangle squares that I matched up to look like square in squares. It's kinda fun. (Blogger will not let me separate these paragraphs but I wanted a little more space!)
Next, backings....


jovaliquilts said...

I never thought about square in a square being made of HST's -- clever! Feels good to use the leftovers, doesn't it?

*karendianne. said...

That is a clever arrangement. I agree!

Julie in the Barn said...

Congrats on getting your words done! Those free pieced words are harder than I thought they would be.

I like your new little project. Great use of those leftovers.

As for backs....I hate making backs. I never have enough and always have to piece a bunch of chunks. Almost all my backs are scrappy.