Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another finish for June!

Yesterday I finally got the last of the handquilting done on Grant's quilt. It has been months since I finished the machine quilting and it feels terrific to have another quilt ready to be loved and used! I love the blue backing and the caramel binding tying it all together. The backing is a Sandy Klop fabric.

Because Grant is a guitar player I wanted to include one on his quilt. He loves the Gibson brand, so we looked for a photo in one of his mags for me to copy the proper shape. You can see the guitar in the next photo (I hope!).

Here's a closer view and it is clickable to see larger. I used an ecru Perle cotton size 8 for all the handquilting. I think it adds a nice touch to the quilt; it is certainly primitive and not perfectly straight! Grant is so happy it is finished. I put the last stitches in just before he got home from an afternoon of golf.

I have lots of leftovers from this quilt and may end up making a coordinating pillow as well. I have so many favorite fabrics in this quilt I am happy to be able to enjoy them forever! Today while my nephew is installing a new faucet for us, I hope to get my words project finished since yesterday I ended up working on Grant's quilt instead. Tomorrow is supposed to be the deadline for getting them in but obviously mine will be late. Sorry, Tonya!


Sara said...

I love the colors of the quilt. They are really great! And the guitar is incredible! My son would love that!

loulee said...

The guitar is a good idea, makes it a very unique and personal quilt.

jovaliquilts said...

It looks great! I love the guitar -- what a neat touch. I like to choose backings that tie the quilt together, too. Your blue and caramel binding really works.

Julie in the Barn said...

I love that caramel/ goldish color. I use it in almost every quilt I make. I'm always bummed when I use up a favorite and have to go searching for a new one for my stash. It just seems to go with just about every thing.

Nice job on Grant's quilt. I bet he is thrilled with it.

Stephanie D. said...

What a cool idea with the guitar shape! I love this quilt--it looks so comfy!