Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Orts

The Lakers have won Game 2 and I am ready to post pics. Yay on both parts! This is the finished tablerunner. The grass in the background sort of makes the black binding disappear, but you get the general idea. I had never done a 45 degree angle turn with binding so they did not turn out perfect, but were okay.

The quilting was with a wavy line except for the black sashing, which I stitched in ditch. The photo is kind of muddy but there is gold printing on the beige as well as lots of the oriental prints. It finished at about 72" x 16".
The back of the tablerunner is this great modern print, so it is two-sided.

Here's a better look at the center section. The number 3 is supposed to be lucky in Korea, so that is why there are three rows of squares and three lines of quilting in each row.

The happy bride on the right and her groom, with the bride's mom, dad, and family members. I was unable to get rid of that weird eyeball glow on the groom with the red eye tool! The bride's dad is one of DH Grant's oldest friends. I loved his wife's traditional Korean dress. It had lovely rich embroidery with lots of silver in it and she had her hair all braided and wound into a bun secured with a fancy oriental pick.
The wedding was held at a beautiful facility in the Santa Monica Mountains, near Malibu, called Calamigos Ranch. The attention to every detail was so well done, from the live classical music during the very religious Christian ceremony, to the wonderful food and waitstaff; all the traditional wedding events were kept simple and classy throughout. Even the constant cameras and videographers as they were fairly unobtrusive (even a Steadicam!). It was a wonderful evening and Grant and I enjoyed it greatly. We wish Karin and Chris all happiness as they begin married life together. (Blogger would not let me load more photos so my dress will be in the next post.)

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jovaliquilts said...

What a wonderful wedding present! And I love your attention to little things that matter, like the use of number 3.
I haven't tried a 45 degree binding yet, either. Eek!