Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shopping successes

Unfortunately these loaded backwards to how I wanted! This pic is the three fabrics I posted about here that I cut completely wrong and had to replace.

(Below) The tone is much cooler in real life but it is plain that the blue print in the center I managed to find a pretty good replacement for. The greens are not exactly what I wanted but will work. These will be cut into large triangles, some smaller bars, and also for binding. The stripe is actually much brighter and whiter than in this pic.
And on to the very pricey dress (Jones, New York, bought at Macy's). It fits perfectly and I love the sheer 100% silk fabric. It is knee length and very comfortable. The straps are sewn securely where they leave the neckline casing, so do not ever have to be messed with and it is fully lined. You cannot really tell in this pic, but there is an overskirt of the same material that is split down the middle and goes all the way around the dress, very lovely and floaty. I will definitely wear it again.

With the little coral sweater it was really pretty and I did not find myself over or underdressed for the evening/nighttime event.
I spent a lot of time today cutting fabrics again for the two projects that got mixed up last time...I was a lot more careful today! My stash of lights is depleted once again and I will need to get a few fat quarters or yardage to finish out the second project. Both are from AP&Q publications, one is from Quilts and More, the other Quilt Shop Sampler. More about that later.

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loulee said...

A little tip I only recently learned is to drag and drop my pictures into the correct order after they upload.
Enjoy your fabrics.