Monday, July 20, 2009

Random topics

  • After the comments about my coveting the Moda BOM, I went back to the website and decided I really am going to order it, despite the cost. I just love it so much, I think I would always regret it if I didn't do it. I'll have to economize elsewhere. Like on housecleaning products or something...
  • Sunday we went out to breakfast where Erica's boyfriend is the assistant manager. It is a barbecue place, Southern style, and is a start-up chain called Smokey's. Now, you don't usually think of a BBQ place having great breakfasts. I ordered french toast, which was made from carrot cake, and came with a dressing of cream cheese and marmalade. Wow. It was delicious. I sure didn't need syrup! Erica pointed out that the plates were pig-shaped, which I hadn't noticed at first. Very cute. Before the plates came, they started us off with giant biscuits with honey butter and jam. We were soon "stuft" to the gills. My only complaint was that there was only one kind of tea offered, plain Lipton black tea, which I skipped. I missed my Earl Grey!
  • I think I found the perfect fabric for the strips of my Rickrack Road quilt. Green Fairy Quilts sells fabric and this one looked just the right mix of happy colors I want. I may wait to see if I can find it at the International Quilt Festival this weekend. I'm so excited.
  • I met another quilter last night----who doesn't live near me! Sigh. My SIL's friends were escaping the heat of AZ for a few days and the wife is a quilter. She plunged into quilting after inheriting her mother's machine and extremely large stash when her mom passed away several years ago at far too young an age. One of her first projects was a king size blooming nine-patch (holy cow!). We talked quilting nonstop for about an hour after the birthday party and it was lots of fun comparing fav patterns and fabrics.
  • I'm grateful for a Monday that didn't stink, work-wise. I actually got to do only my regular tasks today and that was such a relief after last week's nightmare. Next week when the back office assistant is out for a vacation week will be a different story, but I'll just let it ride for now!

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