Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Growing up

Our Elaine is growing up and moving out---she and her boyfriend of four years, Chris, looked at rentals last week and applied for a one bedroom place, a darling little Spanish style, 1920's era bungalow duplex with hardwood floors and a tiny back porch. They've been shopping for kitchen and bedroom stuff and casting about for free furniture or appliances, making plans for renting a truck next month. Yesterday they found out the place is theirs--so very exciting! We'll miss our little chick when she leaves the roost, even though she is only moving halfway across town. Love you, Lainey!


Sara said...

aw, good luck to your daughter and her bf. I am sure they will do fine!

I am catching up and you have been busy! I love the quilts you are working on in your previous posts and the ones by Laura. I like the darker border too!

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, it's hard letting them move out--as if you could stop them.

However, with our DD, it was move out, then back in 3 months later, then out after a year and a half, in after 8 months, then out permanently after 4 years. I think we're called boomerang parents.

Now, when she comes to visit, I dream of having her in the same town forever, but not the same house, unless we can re-work the roles!