Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting closer!

DD Elaine's moving day is getting closer...and tomorrow is her 22nd bday. Her birthday request was for household items and boy, she's been getting them! At our family dinner outing for her birthday I presented her with a gift basket with a special surprise I have been building up for several weeks. Thankfully she wasn't disappointed that it was only a Tupperware item---but very necessary for a girl who only uses Ranch dressing on her salads! This is the special item, and I gave it to her along with a jar of Best Foods mayonnaise (the only kind to use!), a box of dressing mix packets, a salad bowl and two sets of tongs, and a box of croutons!! Very entertaining for me and she really liked all the stuff I got her in addition to that combo gift.

Today we painted the legs of a donated table and then had a trip to Costco (warehouse mega-store) where Elaine was excited to buy multipacks of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, and mac n'cheese. Oh, its a rare day indeed when megapacks can make one happy! We will have a very busy weekend helping the young folks move in. I'm trying to get her quilt done before then too. It is all pinned together and I bought thread for it today. My hope is that the next two nights will be relatively quiet and I can get to my machine for some intensive free motion quilting time!


Lorraine said...

good luck with the move! I hope your DD will be happy in her new home! You will be busy - hope you getthe quilting finished.....!

Lynda said...

An exciting time for your daughter - wishing her lots of happiness and a wonderful birthday.

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, for the days when laundry soap could make one happy! lol Though I must say, I am still grateful for a washer and dryer. It's been many years since I had to make regular trips to the laundromat, but I remember how much I dreaded it.