Friday, August 14, 2009

The Neverending story

This summer seems to be the never ending cycle of bad work weeks. Whew, today marked the end of my covering for two vacations at once. Not an easy thing, not at all, hope I never have to do it again! The other transcriptionist I share the hospital physiology Job #1 with has been out for 10 days, driving her daughter across the country to grad school in Rhode Island. Her vacation is supposed to be over tomorrow. At Job #3, the doc has been out on vacation for the same period but I have had to go three places instead of one to do that job: post office, regular office to check for faxes and mail, and to his house to use the computer and make phone calls. He's back on Monday. It has been uber hectic especially with the ongoing saga of employees being out for different reasons at Job #2 as well. Today was the longest day, starting out with waking up an HOUR late, which put me that much behind all day. I did round two of hospital work tonight to catch up and it is almost 11 p.m. I'm still not finished but just had to stop.

Tomorrow Grant and I will be helping our chicken move into her new roost, so I expect we'll be gone a lot of the day. Elaine's quilt is not finished although I did get about 1/4 of the machine quilting done late the other night. It may not get finished until I get my new sewing room all set up. Grant joked that I will need to get that done on Sunday because he wants his new music room ready for Monday. Um, not very funny! I have pics to share but not tonight---I am taking my Advil and going to bed!

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