Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hoosier Cabinet

The day has come--my quilting room is starting to be put together. First up: the Hoosier cabinet. Lynda asked for more details about this piece of furniture, so here are some pics of it all cleared off. It breaks down to two pieces so was easy to transport upstairs to its new home. Below is what it looks like with the tambour door down and the tabletop pushed in, which is the usual position.

Below is with the tambour door up and the tabletop pulled out. The cabinet is oak with an enameled metal tabletop that simply slides out.

The brand is Sellers, and "751 Oyster White" is written on the back of both pieces. This may be the model number, I've no clue.

Below is with the flour sifter in place in the upper left cupboard. The metal container slides out and the top lifts up for refilling. The sifter handle on the bottom turns like a Jack in the Box handle. The bottom right drawer is lined in metal and has a vented metal cover that also slides off for refilling. Naturally there is no actual flour or grain in either one now!
It is really amazing how much quilting stuff this baby can hold! Plus I put things on top and under it so it is really a workhorse. Since I took this pic I have attached a clip-on light to the top rail (cushioned with some felt so as not to mar the wood) and have removed the sifter and put it on top of the cabinet. The idea is to leave the tabletop clear for cutting small projects, trimming, etc. My goal is to utilize this for current projects and everyday supplies and keep the closet as my main storage. Elaine left a dresser/armoire in the room that I am hoping to switch out with a smaller dresser Erica has that I can fit in the closet. It would be very handy to keep my fat quarters and yardage in drawers instead of bins. I would lose a couple of small shelves but think the drawers would be better. I'm off to get some organization done and get to actual quilting. Elaine is waiting for her quilt!


Sara said...

I really like that cabinet and it will be great for your quilting supplies! Its beautiful!

Lynda said...

Thank you Annie - that us such a great cupboard.

Elaine Adair said...

You're right! This is a GREAT storage space! Love the pullout top.

Tanya said...

What a beautiful piece of furniture! That is going to be useful and decorative at the same time. Your sewing room will be a delight.

Stephanie D. said...

That's in lovely condition! Mine is a bit different, as it doesn't have a tambor door, but it has the sifter (though in a different place) and the metal drawer, and the "tabletop" that pulls out. Mine is in the kitchen with odds and ends in it. It was a Mother's Day gift about 10 years ago, and I'm thinking of staining it, as it looks to have been stripped, or maybe painting it. Maybe that's not historically correct, but it IS mine! lol

Nancy said...

Antique furniture gives a room charm and character. I have several pieces, but nothing like this Hoosier cabinet. It is a beauty! How wonderful that you can enjoy it every day.