Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival

I haven't posted because besides having to return to the working world, I've been down with a cold since our trek to the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach last Sunday. It was a quick illness tho and am feeling 95% improved.

Our group of four, me, my sister Kathy, Mom, and my SIL Laura had a fantastic few hours at the festival and vowed to go for more than one day next year. We took Laura's Hummer and had an easy trip of 1 1/2 hrs, though we started later than we planned. Sunday festival hours are only 10-3 so we lost about 45 mins of that. The vendor booths called us right away and it was mad how fast time flew! I kept pulling Laura or Kathy or Mom to another booth that caught my eye--Kathy swooned over threads and batiks, Laura and Mom over antique jewelry and fine fabrics, and I was all over the place. I watched a needlepunch demo and drooled over wools, coveted a new Huskquvarna (unfortunately no, the hard sell lady didn't get me), and pawed through piles of patterns and fat quarters. We spent so much time in the vendor booths, taking a short lunch, that we had only an hour at the end to see the quilt exhibitions! See this site for pics; I didn't manage to get my camera out once!

Not shown are a Sandy Gervais Christmas themed wallhanging I ordered along, with all the goodies that Kathy and Laura bought. The bamboo fabric Mom bought for me to make a pillow for her. Dear SIL Laura bought me a kit I picked out (below), for helping her this summer with her quilting. Can't wait to dig in! I in turn bought her a set of templates for a Storm at Sea quilt.

Walking around the festival, I recognized four designers and talked to two of them: Eleanor Burns smiled and waved and I spotted Patrick Lose . My sister was looking for templates and was picking the brain of someone in one booth when I walked up. It was the Marti Mitchell! We later came back to the booth and I had Marti crawling on the floor looking for the Storm at Sea templates under the table. How embarrassing! She was very friendly and joked with us. While my SIL was paying for the kit at the American Jane booth, I babbled to Sandy Klop about seeing her studio and designs in the AP&Q mag a few months back and how I had just used one of her fabrics on the back of DH's quilt, babble babble (while she smiled and my sister kept saying asides of "suckup" to Sandy's husband, manning the register). Little sisters, jeez!

In another booth, in my excitement over the apron kit with the large rickrack above, I turned to my sister behind me and thrust my bag towards her saying "look what I got!" Then I looked to my left as my actual sister came around the display. I had thrust my bag toward a complete stranger, who had obligingly said, "Oh, that's nice" before I realized she wasn't Kathy. Too funny!

Too soon the festival closed and we were sorry. Next year we'll probably will stay in a hotel for one night and have a grand time. I want to take a class of some kind too. I'll have another post about our quilt-in at my house the day after the festival. Mom took pics and I'm waiting for her to get them to me.

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