Sunday, July 26, 2009

How many?

Last night before leaving my house, SIL Laura asked me how many quilts I have made. Hmmm, I've been quilting for about ten years, more seriously for the last six or seven, yet I could only think of about nine off the top of my head. Later, after finishing up the machine quilting on Nick's Monster, I started writing out a list. I have made about 30 quilted projects, including bed quilts, table runners and wall hangings, etc. This does not seem like a lot to me in proportion to years overall, yet was surprising when I added them up. I'm glad to have all the people in my life who I've given my quilts to and hope to please many more with my quilting obsession!

Oriental Plates--from 2006. Made for my work friend, P.B.


*karendianne. said...

Ohh, you tempt me with those Asians. :) Seriously though, interesting post. Interesting especially because you don't think 30 is a lot!

Vivian said...

I was blog jumping tonight, and I had to stop when I saw your blog title. I enjoy unique words, and "orts" definitely caught my attention. Must be the former-English-teacher in me. I see that we follow some common blogs, and we share the same occupation. Definitely a small world. I've enjoyed reading your posts (I went way back through older ones.)
Good luck with Nick's Monster. I'll be looking in now and then.

Stephanie D. said...

They do add up, don't they? I've been quilting off and on for about 10-12 years, but only seriously in the last 3. So I don't have much to show for 12 years, but as I get better, I do more. Same with you, I suspect!