Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Elaine's quilt

This is what is keeping me from finishing Elaine's quilt--1 1/2 rows left to do as of Sunday night and I ran out of thread! The local fabric store did not have more of the same thread so I bought another yesterday. However, it is so much lighter that it will be too obvious, and I will have to go to another store tomorrow. I really wish the JoAnn's in my town hadn't closed earlier this year---now I gotta go all the way to Oxnard (probably 20 miles round trip)!

Here's what the quilting looks like so far, below (the quilt is hanging over a chair; my seams are straight!). Since I couldn't quilt last night I got the binding all pressed and ready to apply. I love having the binding ready to just stitch on!

Lastly, Elaine did not like the picture I posted of her on her birthday, so here's another shot. It's hard to tell but she is holding up a sweet little ceramic dish container that has ruffled edges. I bought several of these irresistable dishes for her in fun colors, all different shapes. She and BF Chris are about to celebrate their 4th year as a couple!

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Tanya said...

Beautiful daughter! What a smile!