Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Simi Quilt Show

I took pics of lots of quilts--some were favorites, others just interesting or inspiring.

You can tell by the hanger that this is a miniture quilt--it was 12x18" at most and beautifully quilted by hand.

A man with a video camera hogged the viewing space in front of this quilt for a solid five minutes, maybe more. What can you video of one block for that long? Anyway, I loved the stars and the color combo.

There were a number of Tree of Life quilts at this show, all using the same border fabric in different colorways, so it must have been a class or something. This one was my favorite because of the brown background she used. Most of the others were all white backgrounds and I thought the brown made it really different.

This landscape quilt was called Poppies of Afghanistan and had an otherworldly feel to it that I really liked.

These Turkeys were great! Loved the realism and 3D effect.

This star quilt was another small one. The bars of the sort-of log cabin construction were no more than 1/2", maybe only 3/8" wide. I'm thinking this was paper-pieced!

Closeup of one corner. Loved all the browns.

There are a few more pics to share next time :) !


Nancy said...

Thanks for posting the photos of these lovely quilts. I think I would have spent some time in front of the quilt the man filming, too: it is definitely a show stopper.

Vivian said...

Stunning quilts!
I'd like to show my husband (a hunter) the turkey Q, but he'd probably want me to make one for him.
You're probably right about the diamond log cabin Q with the narrow strips. There's a paper-piecing pattern similar to that by Cindi Edgerton - finishes about 26 x 26".
Looking forward to more photos next time.

YankeeQuilter said...

Isn't it funny how colors go in and out of fashion...browns are so hot right now but only 6-7 years ago they were really hard to find! Personally I love all autumn colors.

Thanks for the mini quilt show!

*karendianne. said...

Oh gosh, wow! I love everything but you know, the feathered star is spectacular. That one takes the whole "Feathered Star" to another level!

Carrie P. said...

These are some great quilts from this guild. I used to live in Simi Valley so it is neat to see that a guild is there.