Thursday, November 26, 2009

Australia Travelogue, Part II

Another hot and sunny day in paradise!  I checked out Mr. Frog's global positioning in the papyrus on the pond.  He was a big one!

Susie took me on a tour of Port Douglas where I got pics from the highest point.  This is the famous "Four Mile Beach" below.  Note the safe swimming area cordoned off on the lower left of the photo--"stingers" are populous during November to about March so it is necessary to either wear full length stinger suits or swim in protected areas only.

And a distance shot of the glorious day!

Then we strolled with Susie's dog Jonesy in Anzac Park--site of many weddings, with about a 300 degree view of water at the point, and a beautiful little white church. 

This large banyan tree gave deep shade on a hot day!

These blue-headed Lorikeets were eating a fallen mango.

Susie did not know the name of this gorgeous tree but I thought it might be a Coral Tree.  Any other guesses?

This charter was heading out to the reef from the marina, passing the wharf with an old sugar cane storage building, now used for events.  I loved the reflections on the water.

On to the Port Douglas Marina, lots of beautiful boats to see

What a huge sailboat this was!  The mast was about 40 feet tall.

Sue and Jon's beautiful 58 ft power yacht from the back.  Total luxury on three levels, including gorgeous wood fittings, two big bedrooms, a double bunk room, a washer and dryer, two bathrooms, and huge kitchen/lounge area.  On top was the "bridge", all the bells and whistles, high tech navigation and fish finder,etc.  I couldn't wait for our scheduled trip Wednesday and wished mightily for good weather.

Look at all the folks heading out to the Great Barrier Reef.  This huge trimaran took huge lots of people out every day.  It had an unusual finish to its hull--all galvanized metal.

Next up: a trip to Cairns and two quilting shops.

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Stephanie D. said...

Finally catching up on blogs--sorry I'm so late in seeing these gorgeous photos! Is it even possible to take a bad picture there?