Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sick! (and grateful)

This travelogue is being interrupted by a nasty virus that is making me feel like I am underwater as I cannot hear and moving around makes me feel woozy.  As a bonus--I sound like a man when I do try to talk.  It kept me from work today and will keep me from Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my parents' house.  My dad especially loathes having sick people spread their germs to him by coming over in that condition, so he said they will fix me a plate to take home!  Plus I'm sure my brother, his wife and their six children do not need another illness to run through their family, nor do the elderly parents of my SIL who are visiting from Romania and coming with my BIL and SIL.  Maybe sitting at my sewing machine will be possible tomorrow, don't know yet...I'll be back soon, though.  Thanks for the comments made on my "story thus far"!

May you all have a pleasant Thanksgiving, wherever in the world you are, and note your blessings not just tomorrow, but every day.  Blogging has been a blessing and I am grateful for each and every interaction with my friendly and supportive readers, and those who share their lives with their own blogs.  It has been a real bright spot in my busy life this past year to connect with others in blogland. Thanks to you all!


Stephanie D. said...

I'm so sorry you're sick--and I know how you feel, except for the woozy part. I don't know whether to grab my head or my ribs when I cough these days--both areas hurt equally!

Our Thanksgiving will be Saturday, which is not unusual for a nurse's family. But we'll enjoy it no matter when it is, because we'll all be together.

Hope you feel like a million bucks soon!

Lorraine said...

Sorry to hear you are sick! Hope you get better you I have enjoyed blogging and "meeting" people......and it is great to be able to catch up with others even if you only have a few spare minutes at the end (or beginning) of a busy day.....Enjoy your meal! I am sure you will be well enough soon to mix with the family!

Pokey said...

Get Better,Annie! If you can't sew, read, or watch t.v., maybe a good restful day is in order.
Counting blessings in my home, too.
Happy Thanksgiving!