Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Details, details

I worked on Scully the Granddog's quilt but didn't get the top completed as I need to applique the center square.  We heard yesterday from Elaine that they are moving, after only six months at their current place.  Since they got the puppy and have no fenced yard, I guessed it was coming but not so soon.  They've found another place close to their current one, and will be moving in a month. 

It's a manly flannel quilt for a Boston Terrier who likes to burrow under the covers.  The bear print was a recently purchased remnant and the buffalo check, tan and red solids from stash.  Those are 6" finished squares and I'll do a quick stitch and turn with a fleece backing. 

My nephew John's quilt top went through some color change plans.  Originally the third border was going to be the multicolored dot but I decided to calm it down with the pastel green and use the nulticolored dot for the binding.  I also changed my mind about the four patches in the second border and ended up with brighter colors than the two blues I originally planned.  Those other four patches will get used on the back probably.


Love the animals in this print! 

Here's the mini made from Grant's Diamonds leftovers.  I am thinking it is doable to hand quilt as it is pretty small, only 18 x 24 inches.  It will be simple and definitely prim looking big-stitch type of quilting. These were all leftover triangle squares.  I matched them up to make square in square blocks.  The pic should enlarge a bit to see the seams.  Hmm, loking at this pic, I may have to switch the bottom right two border triangles--don't like that bigger brown triangle that is jumping out!

Judy has another Quiltathon this weekend and I am going to play along, probably unofficially!  Goals are to get John's quilt finished and also Scully's.  If I cut the dilly-dorking to a minimum, it will be a great finish to the first three day weekend of the year!


DeAnna S. said...

Great looking quilts. Love the baby quilt and I'm sure Scully will enjoy his. Thanks for sharing. I may check out the quiltathon also, but I've got other projects started...oh starts!

Stephanie D. said...

What a pretty baby quilt! Bright and colorful and orderly! lol

Lovin' the puppy quilt, too. I wondered if that was the daughter that was moving. If they don't want to move, they could think about a wireless invisible fence. Don't know which is less expensive, though--the move or the wireless fence. And the puppy might be too young still for wireless.