One year ago I started this blog after being inspired by so many other wonderful blogs I had read and enjoyed for several months--I wanted to be part of that world!  Some very kind bloggers left comments early on and I was on my way.  My little blog has trucked along and here I am a year later, having gathered some followers, whom I thank so very much for visiting and commenting.  To celebrate this blogaversary I am having a modest giveaway.  This little quilt is called "Diamond Orts", as I made it from scraps leftover from hubby's quilt "Grant's Gibson Diamonds".

I hand quilted this with a brickish red thread and really enjoyed doing it.
Though not an exemplary hand quilter, ahem, I am mostly pleased with the result but probably will add more hand quilting before I send it off to the winner.  I'm thinking all the triangles around the squares need quilting too.

Astute observers will notice that the quilt is not bound.  That is intentional--the winner is going to get to choose the binding!  Either this caramel/cheddar dot:

Or this blue pindot:

And to go along with this little quilt is a collection of paper-pieced patterns of little quilts (sorry for the glare).

To enter, just leave me a comment and tell me which binding choice you prefer.  Non-bloggers can email me at with their entry.  The giveaway will be open until Wednesday, February 10, 2010. I will have Grant select the winner either by random number or slips of paper, depending on the number of entries.

Thank yous and affection to everyone who has stopped by my little blog and visited or commented over the past year.  I'm planning on sticking around in blogland for a great while, so please drop by anytime!


The little quilt is so cute. I think the blue binding would be perfect.
Mary-anne said…
The cheddar would look lovely and would compliment the growing collection of "little quilts" that I have, and which i plan to display on the walls of the hallway going down to my sewing room.
I enjoy your blog - and love it that we are both "biddies".
Vivian said…
Heartiest congratulations on your blogiversary, Annie. I've enjoyed our blog visits back & forth, while learning about our similar jobs & granddog names. Here's to many more happy years of quilting and blogging.
I'm partial to cheddar binding, if I would happen to be the lucky winner.
Joyful Quilter said…
Happy Blog Anniversary! The little quilt is so very cute! I think I like the cheddar bind the best.
Tanya said…
I definitely thought you were a much more of an old time blogger! Only one year? I love having you come visit me and enjoy seeing what you are up to also. It would be an honor to win your lovely quilt. I thing the blue would go very nicely in my house!!
Joanne said…
Happy Blogaversary!! I hope you are having as much fun blogging as I am.
I love the cheddar dot.
Thanks for the chance!!
loulee said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
loulee said…
A whole year. Congratulations. It's been fun getting to know you and sharing experiences together.
Hmmm.. Blue binding for me.
Doina said…
Great giveaway! Please count me in! I like blue binding.
Diane H said…
Oh my what a generous giveaway. Your quilt is wonderful! If I was so lucky I would pick the blue binding. I am new to your blog and am going to sign up to follow you on the rest your blogging journey. Looking forward to it!
antique quilter said…
Happy blog anny! Oh I love little quilts I love the cheddar dot binding for this little quilt....what a great giveaway
thanks, one can never have enough little quilts!
Anonymous said…
Happy Blogiversary to you! Most definetly the cheddar dot is wonderful with that sweet little number. I'm glad we met through blogging!
Patty said…
Congratulations on your blogaversary! I remember the first time I heard of an ort, and had to find out what it was! My favorite color for binding would be the caramel/cheddar.
Susan said…
Congrats on your anniversary, AnnieO! Lovely little quilt and I think that gold binding is the better one, it's so warm.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Sheila said…
What a sweet little quilt , I love the cheddar /caramel fabric for the binding , just gives it such an old fashion feel.Great blog!
*karendianne. said…
Hey and Annie! I remember when you made Grant's quilt, too!!! How fun. I guess if it were me I'd have to go with Cheddar since I'm doing so much Cheddar lately. Gosh this is a great little quilt and I love the fabrics you've got in this. It's fun. I really do remember when you made this quilt. How neat.
julieQ said…
Congratulations on your milestone! I love the cheddar too. What a wonderful quilt...and hand quilted! Wow, lovely! Thank you for your generosity of heart.
Banaghaisge said…
And you reminded me that I am almost up to my blogiversary - I think I shall have a little(ish) give-away too...
At least I have a week or two to consider what I shall do.
FAR too HOT still to even think - I am lying around on downstairs bed in elegant op-shop petticoat, gasping for water and occasionally dragging myself to the shower to cool off.
Or eating ice-cream, tho I have now eaten it all.
Send more ice-cream please.
It is high 30s still, and not even going to get below 25* overnight.
Am so over it, you can't imagine how lovely it would be to be able to go outside and make a snow angel.
Hugs, but distant arms-length ones...
PS the caramel, tho I was thinking red would be good too... (trust me to wander fromt he path...).
Renee G said…
I like the caramel cheddar dots binding. Congratulations on your blogaversary.

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