Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moda goodness

I misspoke on my previous post where I calculated that I was behind 6 blocks for my Moda Greenpiece BOM.  There's that pesky math thing again--I forgot to count the wool applique blocks so I was actually behind 12 blocks because there are two pieced and two appliqued blocks per month.  Oops! So over the weekend  I cut out six of the blocks and got four sewn.  So now I am behind 8 blocks AND a pieced border that came with the 3rd month.  But here are the first two months' pieced star blocks:

The colors seem a little dulled out in this photo but are actually rich and warm.  I had a hard time between the very yellowy light from the sewing room lamps and my not so perfect camera.  The two blocks on the left are deep brown and warm tan prints.  The blocks on the right are burgandy dotted and brown with red print.   The instructions for the flying geeze blocks are very interesting and quick. Mine came out better with this method and all my points stayed pointy! I also felted all the pretty wool pieces below and hope to get started on the cutting the shapes for the applique blocks this weekend.

There was also some heart block assembly for another couple of projects but my picture turned out too blurry and poor to share right now!  My sewing machine is going in for a maintenance check on Friday at my local LQS.  I got a call from the shop saying there were quite a few signups so my machine might not be ready by closing Friday and I could either come pick it up Saturday or leave it at the shop til Tuesday, but they would let me know if it didn't get done.  Glad there's an option because I want to sew!   

My one year blogaversary is coming up on Friday... so stay tuned for a little giveaway announcement on the 5th. 


Quilt Hollow said...

Moda goodness is right...those blocks look terrific! You really aren't far behind...I've got TWO BOMs that I participated in 2009...neither one opened! I decided I better not do another. One of them is a wool number that I love! The other is piecing and applique..what was I thinking with applique?!

Bradie Sparrow said...

Isn't the quick piece method for flying geese awesome?! I love that no fabric gets wasted. There is a designer named Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs who makes a ruler to make this geese methos even faster. It is tres fantastique! I hope you get your machine back soon, I know I can't live with out mine!